Google Docs Sync

Version 1.0.2

Google Docs Sync for Mac OS X allows you to synchronize your Google Docs files with a folder in your HDD. All your changes in your files are synchronized to Google, and all your changes in Google files are done in your local HDD.

Can't be easier. Can't be more useful.

  • Works with your Google Docs account or any Google Apps account.
  • You can configure what files or folder to exclude.
  • Edit your files offline with your office suite.
  • You can convert your Office files into Google editable files.
  • Use your free storage from Google Docs or upgrade to get more storage space.
Available on the Mac App Store

Requirements: Compatible Mac OS X Lion. Requires any Google Docs or Google Apps account.

Installed on the menu bar for a quick and clean access.

Configure your synchronization and startup preferences

If installed, will use Growl to notify of important events.

My google docs files are now also on my disk! I love that.

- Mary Stephenson (TX)

All my photos are now stored on google and shared across all my macs.

- Mark Ignaz (CA)

I have changed my Dropbox by Google storage. Much cheaper, secure, easier to share with the team, and can edit online.

- Pablo Lopez (Arg)

With the low prices of Google storage I can get huge space by a few bucks.

- Paul M.

This is exactly what I was looking for.

- Fuzzyguy (App Store review).

Wow! Minimalist but great overall!.

- tbt204 (App Store review).
Where can I get support?

Use the Contact tab on this page to get support or ask any question. We will be glad to help.

Will my data be send to other place than Google?

Nope. Not at all. Never. It is just you and your Google Docs Account. We do not track anything. Even metadata. Nothing.

How much Storage will I have?

You get free storage with any Google account (including Apps accounts), and you can upgrade to higher plans at very affordable rates.

Will I need to pay any monthly fee?

No. The app does not requires any monthly fee. It's not a subscription app. You will pay only once.

Google Docs Sync for Mac OS X

Google Docs Sync for Mac OX X allows you to easily sync your google docs account with your local hard drive disk. It is a both way synchronization, so all files you add into Google Docs will appear in your hard drive, and all things you copy on your synchronized folder will appear on Google Docs.

It is very easy to set up:

  • Click the Login button and login with your Google Docs user and Password
  • Grant Permission to the app for accessing your account,
  • Select the folder that will be synchronized. This folder must be empty at start
  • You are done!. Your Google Docs account and your folder will be now kept in sync.

Some other nice features includes:

  • Control to ignore hidden files or files that match a pattern (e.g: *.bck)
  • Optional conversion to Google Docs format on upload, so you can edit with Google Docs
  • Autostart up when login
  • Growl Integration

The Team

  • Juan

  • Elena

    Design & Test
  • Alicia

  • Dario


App Screenshots

Go Sync App 1.0.4

To be released May 2012
  • Exclude files by Size.
  • Unshare Collections.

Go Sync App 1.0.3

To be released April 2012
  • Fixes on 'Convert To Google Docs format' functionalities.
  • Better management of edition of Google Docs files with Numbers/Pages/Keynote export to office functionality.
  • Handling on conflicts when files are updated at the same time on both ends.

Go Sync App 1.0.2

Released on 4/16/12
  • Improves the information on what is being synced.
  • Better 'go to sleep' handling.
  • Snow Leopard compatibility
  • Minor fixes for keyboard shortcuts.
  • More fixes on exclude patterns on upload to gdocs.

Go Sync App 1.0.1

Released on 3/25/12
  • Bug Fix for folder exclusion with patterns (like *pattern_to_exclude*).
  • Fixed some typos in tooltips.
  • Better information on frequency values.
  • Fixed a weird situation when a folder could not get synced if google gave an 'undefined error'.

Go Sync App 1.0

Released on 3/14/12
  • 1.0 Release
  • Keystore Certificate
  • App Store Integration

Go Sync App 0.9

Released on 01/22/12
  • Growl Integration
  • Smaller build
  • New images and table layout.

Go Sync App 0.8

Released on 01/06/12
  • Fixed: Double downloads
  • Fixed: Short-term temporary files fix
  • Fixed: Change of account restart sync

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